The Partnership of the Canal District of Fredericia

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Kanalbyen - the Canal District of Fredericia - is organized as a partnership between The Municipality of Fredericia and Realdania By & Byg.

Kanalbyen i Fredericia P/S is the partnership in charge of developing the new town district of the same name. We are a partnership limited by shares set up between the Municipality of Fredericia and Realdania By & Byg, of which the Municipality of Fredericia holds 25% and Realdania By & Byg 75%.

We are run by a professional board of directors, appointed by Realdania By & Byg and the Local Authority of Fredericia and composed of representatives of both parties.

Partnership agreement

The Municipality of Fredericia and Realdania By & Byg have formed a partnership on the development, i.e. planning, site development and sale, of former industrial areas along the harbour in Fredericia. For this objective, the parties have established a land development company.

The partnership agreement outlines the joint objectives and intentions agreed between the parties. The agreement provides the working base for the partnership and its board of directors. The agreement describes the history of the areas, the overall vision for the areas and the overall ambitions of the parties, urban renewal and project development requirements as well as ownership structure and organisation of the land development company.

The board

Members of the board are:

  • Carsten Koch (Chairman)
  • Christian Bro, Municipality of Fredericia
  • Karsten Byrgesen, Municipality of Fredericia
  • Peter Cederfeld, Realdania By & Byg
  • Anne Mette Rahbæk, Realdania By & Byg